Omni Baking is a successful contract bakery that was founded as a partnership of two premiere bakeries in September, 1996. Our motto of "We can accomplish anything" drives our passion for producing exceptional products which are fresh, frozen baked, or par-baked. Omni started production in Pennsauken, N.J., eventually expanding into its current 171,000 square foot facility located in Vineland, N.J.

In the competitive world of commercial baking, Omni excels in producing large volumes of products while maintaining a competitive price, enabling our customers to compete and win in the tough world of commercial food. Our main priority is to deliver a consistent and quality product that your customers will love. At Omni, our clients' goals are our road map for planning and success.

Research and Development

Omni Baking is a leader in the region as an outstanding contract bakery. For decades, we have helped our customers develop products to fit their needs. Our success begins with our modern facility designed to research, formulate and produce custom products in large volumes with around-the-clock production. Omni Baking is experienced with many types of bread and roll products. Some include:

Customer Service Philosophy

Omni Baking is dedicated to providing consistent quality products and on-time delivery. At Omni, we ensure a "Yes" experience by engaging with customers and fulfilling their requests. As an experienced contract bakery, we understand the pressures of production and distribution which is why our customers experience satisfaction every time.

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